Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Up These Days

Things are quiet. Perhaps..too quiet. Everyone's thoughts are on the national economy. I have been working on some writing projects and teaching some classes, none of them related to the paranormal. I have been spending most of my blogging time lately on my Once and Future Druid blog, focusing on grappling with the idea of bioregional animism in Montana. My own definition of Bioregional Animism is:

"A system of animistic beliefs, myths, doctrines, or theories, based on a geographic area that is definable by a set of biota (living things: plants, animals, etc.); a definable, distinctive or characteristic set of biota is implied...and that these biota have souls/spirits with particular powers."

Native American beliefs hold that human beings and ghosts aren't the only things bumping around in this world, things that Western culture calls "paranormal." Actually, the term "paranormal" really has no parallel in Native American thought and religion. Everything is alive and has a spirit in our old ways: plants, animals, bones, stones, wind, snow, thought, and word. So next time you hear something in the night, the possibilities are a lot wider than what you might assume.
I am turning over a "unified theory" in my mind, that can accommodate ALL of my various experiences, normal and paranormal.

If you are interested in the concept of bioregional animism, check out my Once and Future Druid blog.

That's for the things that go bump in the night, but as far as ghosties and ghoulies and long leggedty beasties, here in Helena my little ghost group is in quiet mode in this time between Midwinter and the Spring Equinox (about a month from now!). I haven't heard of any new activity anywhere lately. I have been watching "Ghost Hunters" (regular and international flavors) as well as "Paranormal State." I only did the Ghost Walk back in October, and none since. I am always open to doing one if anyone find themselves in Helena of course.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Native American Paranormal Topics

Painting by Howard Terpning: "Blessing From the Medicine Man"

I imported some of my posts from my 2007 Native American Paranormal blog to this blog. You can find them in the archives for January and February for 2008. Or you can click the topics below:

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