Sunday, October 11, 2009

Places that are "Haunted": A Reality Check

It has come to my attention that some people are taking the paranormal way too seriously. One old saying states, ghosts can't hurt you-- but they can scare you so that you end up hurting yourself. There is wisdom in this old saying. I am re-thinking how to tell these stories.

This blog tells some of the stories and folklore of Montana's paranormal places and events. It is merely entertainment, the relation of folklore, which may or may not be true. Look at the Anaconda mystery hill for example, which actually is a story that originated in San Antonio, Texas, but actually didn't even begin there, but in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some I have experienced or heard myself, and some are from books or newspaper articles. But there is a caution to such stories. You can't just accept such stories uncritically. Many of them are just urban tales passed on by generations, like the one about Bloody Mary in the mirror.

Even the situations we find ourselves in can be misinterpreted. We can be waking up from sleep and half-dreaming and sense something. Electromagnetic emanations from wiring can makes us feel like someone is watching us. Being in a dark and unfamiliar place can bring out all our ancient fears of the dark which harbored leopards and lions. We can be feeling emotional or vulnerable and alone. We can misinterpret shadows and sounds. We can be in a group and tell stories and the group-mind will develop so that every sound and shadow freaks us out. In fact, that is the goal for many folks: they like to be scared. Why else would there be so many scary movies making so much money?

Fun is fun, but there is no reason to be scared, whether you believe in ghosts or not. If there aren't such things as ghosts, then why be scared? And even if there are such things as ghosts-- guess what-- they might just be place-memories, with no impact at all, or they are only people that you can't see. They are just like you and me. And in fact such people are very sad, not scary. Sad because they are stuck in their unhappiness.

You can't live your life ruled by fear. You just can't. Remember all the old folktales, it was the courageous person who won the day.

Think about it. In centuries of trying, by thousands of people, and now using all this electronic equipment..NO ONE has been able to prove such things exist, not to the satisfaction of empirical science. So we need to chill a little and use some rationality. Have fun with the stories, with thinking about these things, because these are Mysteries-- and unlike Scooby Doo's program, Mysteries of life and death are not meant to be solved, only pondered.

Besides, with the problems in the economy, the climate acting weird, everyone way too stressed out, and the end of the world in 2012, how scary are a few ghosts (whatever they are) anyways? ;-)

Have a fun and safe Halloween.

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