Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ringdocus: The Legend of the Shunka Warak'in

I talked about the Shunka Warak'in (aka Ringdocus) in an earlier post on this blog. I found out today the student project I was interviewed for has been completed, and posted. There are 8 episodes, plus one "behind the scenes" episode. The students in this video believe the animal to be some sort of a hybrid, but DNA tests need to be completed.

From the Ringdocus Channel-

The lines between fantasy and nonfiction blur in this documentary about the mysterious Shunka Warakin, a factual animal that is shrouded in ambiguity and embellishment.

This nine episode series tracks the life and demise of a wolf hybrid in the old west to its present day home, stuffed, in a small Ennis, MT museum. The wolf creature is known as the Shunka Warakin, in Iowan legend, and as Ringdocus to the white settlers, ancestors of Jack Kirby who rediscovered the animal in 2006 and tracked it to its current home.

This series is based loosely on Kirbys tale of his family and his own tracking of the animal. As a crossblend of fiction and nonfiction elements the series aims to explore Old West Americanism and the kill or be killed brand of masculinity that was often needed to survive.

Through a light hearted look at what possesses people to research and track myths, the show will attempt to recreated the attack of the Ringdocus and its eventual slaying by Kirbys relatives, the impact of this creatures demise on the Iowan Indian tribe legend, and the obsessive quest to find the remains of the animal over 100 years later.

Produced by students in the Alternative Narrative course of Spring 2009 at the School of Film and Photography, Montana State University.




tankermac said...

this is really cool, but i have a question, is the guy in the end a descendant of that hutchinson guy, why did he take ringdocus, and why was he holding it in front of hutchinsons grave? please reply soon.

tankermac said...

i really like this movie thing but i have some questions. was the guy at the end a descendant of that Hutchinson guy, why did he take ringdocus, and why was he holding it in front of Hutchinson's grave. please reply soon.

Lance Michael Foster said...

I wasn't involved in the movie production as a whole. The students over in Bozeman came over one day and shot an interview where they asked a few questions and I answered what I knew. The rest, you'd have to find the students and ask them. They haven't kept in touch and, since this was a couple of years ago, probably have graduated by now.