Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paranormal Investigations in Montana

There are several paranormal investigation groups based in Montana. These are the ones I know about so far. If you belong to yet another one not listed here, let me know.

F.O.G. Paranormal; Organization with team formerly located in Deer Lodge, now based in Butte; it also has a team in Washington State. Its Montana investigations mentioned on its website include the Old Montana Prison (in Deer Lodge), Dumas Brothel (in Butte), Fairweather Hotel, Pioneer Bar, Bonanza House (all in Virginia City), and Sedham House and Finney House (in Nevada City).
[UPDATE 2009: FOG team leaders the Wells moved out of state last year, but report they still have a team based out of Missoula]

Glacier Area Paranormal Society (GAPS); New organization based in Kalispell, Montana.

Montana Area Paranormal Society (MAPS); Organization based in Great Falls, Montana. Its website mentions investigations at the Lobby Bar and Davenport Hotel, the old Cascade County Jail, Kranz Flower and Gifts (all in Great Falls), Choteau County Library (in Choteau), and the Jenkins House and the Grand Union Hotel (both in Fort Benton).

Montana Paranormal Research Society; Organization based in Billings, Montana.

Paranormal Montana Investigations; Organization based in Helena, Montana. I am the founder of this group; so far we have done investigations at the Grandstreet Theater and Windbag Saloon (in Helena), and a private residence in Bozeman. I have dealt with other paranormal situations for over thirty years.

Tortured Souls Investigations (TSI); Organization based in Missoula, Montana. Its website mentions its investigations at St. Mary's Cemetery (in Missoula), Main Hall, Brantly Hall, and Rankin Hall, all at the University of Montana (Missoula), the Daly Mansion (in Hamilton), the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula (Missoula), and the Old Montana Prison (Deer Lodge).

Groups from surrounding states such as Idaho and Washington have also occasionally done investigations in Montana at various times. Those out-of-state groups which list Montana investigations on their websites include:

Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research (WSPIR) lists an investigation at the Old Montana Prison (Deer Lodge) on its website; it is a TAPS family member.

Idaho Spirit Seekers (ISS) mentions it does investigations in Montana but does not list any it has done in Montana on its website; it is a TAPS family member.

If you would like to take part in a discussion forum for paranormal investigation in Montana which many in these groups belong to, be sure and check out the Paranormal Montana discussion group.


Regan said...

Our Team, A.P.A.R.T. of WA, has also investigated Old Montana Prison, Deer Lodge, MT. We actually investigated the same time WSPIR did. However, WSPIR should not be accredited for the investigation. West Coast Ghost Hunter's set it up for all three teams.

Michelle Heberle said...

lance we are the Montana Association of Paranormal Studies not M Area PS Just wanted to let you know Thanks, Michelle

catherine said...

can ANYBODY recommend someone that can be "reliable",enough to answer their emails-(about something really paranormal?)i have tried to get ahold of someone to try to explain what my husband & I have in our house..i have posted my vids of "proof" on utube..(not hoaxes),& i contacted two different groups here in mt..,& no answer back.maybe this is too unbelievable for their "expertise".the utube address is as follows..http://youtu.be/eiyDWsRXY2U..if interested,check out my channel.we had our house blessed today

Lance M. Foster said...

No answer back at all, catherine? There aren't as many groups doing investigations as there were before, and some parts of the state are pretty empty of groups. Where are you located? These guys seem the most active currently: http://www.mtprs.org

It may help if you post the Youtube.com link, as it looks like you mistyped it here in your message.