Friday, February 5, 2016

2016 Paranormal Montana

The internet is always changing. Blogs were the thing once to connect with and share interests, and now with the development of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., they have taken the backseat. Sort of like how email isn't as popular now that text messages on phones took over that function. Sort of like how YahooGroups have become invisible too. The only thing constant is change.

That's how ghosts come into existence.

Now most action on the Paranormal Montana topic is in the Facebook group of the same name.

But I think it is time I write something about all this, in a more permanent form, to figure out what I think about all this stuff, in the end… More to come…

Yes, this is my art work… and an experience I had...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

TV Show on Wednesday: Shunka Warak'in

hey for those of you with Destination America as a channel, my episode premieres this week, Wednesday night (check your local listings for channel and time)! 

The Betty Hill Dress, Rocky Mountain Demon Wolf
Does a simple blue dress contain the world's best evidence for E.T.'s? Scientists DNA test clothing worn by one of the U.S.'s first alien abduction victims. And why recent livestock killings may prove that a Demon Wolf is roaming across the Midwest.
60 Min. | 14

I haven't seen it yet myself. It will be interesting to see how they edit a traditional legend of the Shunka Warak'in. I am a little afraid with a title like "Demon Wolf" lol

Check out my other articles about the Shunka Warak'in!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Book Review: Haunted Helena: Montana Queen City Ghosts, by Ellen Baumler (2014)

Haunted Helena:: Montana's Queen City Ghosts, by Ellen Baumler (Charleston, SC: The History Press/Haunted America, 2014) (Paperback, $19.99)

Ellen Baumler has done it again, penning an excellent new volume of contemporary ghostly experiences in Montana using her unique brand of deep historical research (she is a professional historian for the Montana Historical Society, located in Helena), personal interviews and site visits, woven together with her decades as a storyteller and education/interpretion specialist for the Society. This volume is all about Helena, the capital city of Montana, and she revisits some places she has written about before in her ghost story colSpirit Tailings, Beyond Spirit Tailings, Montana Chillers), adding new information and incidences, as well as totally new sites within the Queen City of the Rockies. A list of the haunted places:

Introduction: It Begins at Home: Wick-Seiler Residence (where the author lives)

Shadows of the Gold Camp: Background history of Helena, south end of Last Chance Gulch, Hangman's Tree

Ghosts on the Gulch: Underground tunnels, Montana Club, Granite Block, Placer Hotel, Power Block

Lily's Legacy: Toole Mansion

The Haunting of Reeder's Alley: Stone house, miners' apartments, Yee Wau Cabin, Pioneer Cabin, Caretaker's House (this chapter includes an event I personally experienced)

A Spirited Neighborhood: Reeder's Alley, Morelli Bridge, Adami homestead/barn, Forestvale Cemetery

For Fern: Benton Avenue Cemetery

Dead Men Walking: Davis Street (Dry Gulch), Hangman's Tree South Central neighborhood

Something Extra: West Side's Christmas Gift Evans House

Haunted Landscapes: Highway 12, the Frenchwoman's Road, hitchhiking ghost of MacDonalds Pass, Rimini

Captured Moments: Stedman Foundry (Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks' Montana Wild wildlife center), House of the Good Shepherd, St. Johns (Hospital) Building

Some are new sites, some are well-known hauntings which have been revisited with even more details and first person accounts. These aren't just second-hand rumors and urban legends. Many of these relate events where the author was on the scene, for example, "For Fern", where a visit to a cemetery on a grade school field trip adds another young face to the sunny afternoon. Others were collected from the people who experienced them personally. These are mostly places where there have been ongoing phenomena, such as the neighborhood setting of "Dead Men Walking", which relates a new and in-depth account of the hot spot area around the site of the infamous "Hanging Tree" of Helena.

Carefully researched historical background and personal details combine to make this perhaps the most intimate and engrossing of all of Baumler's books. A book recommended for all paranormal buffs, lovers of history and ghost tales, Montana residents, and fans of the storytelling art. Helena has many ghost stories and paranormal events, and even this latest addition does not exhaust the hauntings of Helena. There is much more to be ... mined.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

TV Show "True Supernatural" Feb. 14

Looks like I am going to be on a TV show in about a month. My interview on the Ioway story about the Shunka Warak'in will air on the program "True Supernatural" on the Destination America Channel at 9 p.m. ET on Friday, January 2, 2015. That is 8 pm Central and 7 pm Mountain Time. Yikes!

The network moved it to Valentine's Day
Then it was supposed to be Feb. 28

They took True Supernatural off the schedule again last night:

"The Betty Hill Dress, Rocky Mountain Demon Wolf Premieres Saturday, February 28 at 10/9c Hidden in the archives of the Milnes Museum at the University of New Hampshire is one of the most controversial artifacts in world history— a simple blue dress that may prove that extraterrestrial life exists. In 1961, couple Betty and Barney Hill claimed to have been abducted by aliens, and during the nightmarish event, Betty came in contact with terrifying beings who left a pink powder on her dress. After significant chemical and DNA analysis, authorities could not attribute the mysterious substance to anything found on Earth. Native American tribes venerate the legends of the Shunka Warak’in, also known as the Rocky Mountain Demon Wolf. Gigantic in size, ferocious in nature, the beast was said to have terrorized settlers and livestock, becoming a harbinger of death."

I did the interview about a year ago. First they said it would be on in July and I told people in our tribe. Then in July they said it would be on in January. Then they said it would be Valentine's Day. Then they said it would be last night. 

I am giving up telling people about the show. I know the producers just made the show, they don't broadcast it, so I understand it's not their fault. We have all had so many false alarms now though, it is difficult to say if it is ever going to show. I myself am not going to think about it any more. If it is ever really broadcast or put online, I will post about it. I guess, that's show business, those old sayings are around for a good reason :-)

Sunday, February 23, 2014


"Most of all he remembered the hataalii standing grey and thin and tall over his grandmother, holding a tortoiseshell rattle and a prayer plume of eagle feathers, chanting poetry from the emergence story, making Old Lady Many Mules one with White Shell Girl, restoring her to beauty and harmony. And restore her it had. Chee remembered staying at the old woman’s place, playing with his cousins and their sheepdogs seeing his grandmother happy again, hearing her laughter. She died of course. The disease was lung cancer, or perhaps tuberculosis, and people with such diseases died – as all people do." (Quoted in The Trickster, Magician and Grieving Man by Glen A Mazis, p. 240.)

"...Because our culture has such an intense fear of death we frame our healing in terms of life. Healing however comes from the word for ‘wholeness’ and within many traditions healing does not automatically mean to live. Unless we see death as an integral and right part of life we cannot hold this view. All authentic spiritual traditions, ancient and modern, have a holy place reserved for death. Within the western traditions the magic circle is divided into two halves, one that tracks our life from birth to death and the other which tracks our existence from death to rebirth. Healing is about being whole within ourselves, integrated and complete. We can be healed and die. We can live and not be healed. Without healing though we are fragmented and splintered, in life or death. We become the unquiet dead, restless and longing. Or we become living cogs in a ravenous, ever-hungry consumerism that feeds on injustice and pain."